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Pheromone traps are a highly effective and species-specific approach to pest monitoring and management. They work by utilizing chemical signals, known as pheromones, emitted by female insects to attract males of the same species, allowing for the selective capture of male insects. This specificity distinguishes them from pitfall, sticky, or light traps, reducing the likelihood of capturing unintended insects. However, it’s essential to note that while pheromone traps provide valuable insights, the results they yield are indicative, and in-field sampling is required for a more precise assessment of pest presence.

Sex pheromone lures are strategically placed within these insect traps, following recommended spacing guidelines. These lures release sex pheromones consistently over a period of 2-4 weeks. Male moths, enticed by the pheromones, are captured within the traps. This disruption of the mating process prevents female moths in the field from successfully reproducing and laying eggs.

In more intensive agricultural systems, pheromones serve as a direct management tool through techniques like mass trapping and mating disruption. Amoolya Organics offers “EasyLure” pheromone lures that are sex-specific, enhancing the likelihood of early detection through pheromone attraction. These traps are now commercially available for a variety of pest species, including Helicoverpa armigera, Helicoverpa punctigera, fall armyworm, diamondback moth, and others.

Funnel Trap:

These versatile traps are suitable for collecting a wide range of agricultural moths. They feature a lure suspended beneath the trap’s middle and an insecticidal strip inside the collection container. Funnel traps are utilized in surveys for pests like the Bean Cutworm.
Host Crops: Bengal gram, Cabbage, Chilli, Chrysanthemum, Cotton, Cow pea, Green gram, Groundnut, Maize, Okra, Red gram, Rice, Sorghum, Soybean, Sunflower, Tomato, Cotton, Pigeon pea, Chickpea, Sorghum, Peas, Tobacco, Potatoes & Maize.


  • Reduces the need for harmful pesticides.
  • Economically affordable, easy to install and manage.
  • Can detect low insect populations when used correctly.
  • Specifically designed for trapping all Moths (Lepidoptera).
  • Helps minimize crop damage.

Product Colour: Yellow, Green

Shelf Life: Long-lasting

Delta Trap:

The Delta trap is a durable and water-resistant device compatible with various pheromones, which are species-specific and minimally impact beneficial insects. Accurate monitoring is crucial for minimizing damage and protecting crops. Installing the Delta trap provides early detection of unwanted pests, allowing for timely and effective treatment. It is simple to assemble and only requires the addition of a pheromone lure placed in the trap’s center to attract and trap pests.

Physical Dimensions of Trap:

Trap: 570 mm (L) x 235 mm (W) x 120 mm (H)
Sticky Liner: 200 mm (L) x 190 mm (W)


Easy assembly, monitoring, and replacement of sticky liners.
Monitors all adult moths.
Multi-season use.
Compatible with lures for selective species attraction.
Lures can be moved from liner to liner.
Durable material allows use over multiple seasons.
Removable sticky liner for easy inspection and replacement.
Target Pest: Moths (Lepidoptera)

Product Colour: Yellow
Shelf Life: Long-lasting

These pheromone traps from Amoolya Organics offer a targeted and environmentally-friendly solution for pest monitoring and management, helping to safeguard crops and reduce the need for harmful pesticides.