Welcome to Amoolya

At Amoolya Organics, we’re committed to offering natural products sourced from organic materials. Our goal is to support sustainable agriculture and help crops thrive. We have a variety of products designed to enhance plant growth, improve nutrient absorption, and protect plants from environmental stress.


Our biostimulants are natural compounds meticulously selected to invigorate plant growth, operating by stimulating essential physiological processes. Crafted from organic materials, these products enrich nutrient absorption, promote root development, and enhance overall plant vitality. They empower crops to adapt to changing conditions, ultimately elevating yield quality.
Humic Acid, Amino Acids, Seaweed Extracts

Plant Growth Promoters:

Sourced directly from nature, our Plant Growth Promoters contain a potent blend of essential nutrients and hormones that stimulate and nurture robust plant development. They are instrumental in enhancing root growth, flower and fruit production, which, in turn, elevates crop productivity and overall crop health.

Plant Extracts:

Our Plant Extracts are carefully obtained from natural sources and are renowned for their richness in bioactive compounds that elevate plant health and vitality. These extracts harbor a wealth of phytochemicals and antioxidants, reinforcing plants against pests, diseases, and environmental stressors, resulting in bountiful crop yields.

Plant Origin Oils:

Extracted from various botanical sources, our Plant Origin Oils (Pongamia Oil, Karanjin Oil, Margosa Oil, Castor Oil) are highly esteemed for their pivotal role in fortifying plant growth and health. These oils excel at pest and disease control while simultaneously nourishing plant tissues, leading to crops that are not only more resilient but also more vibrant.

Microbial Extracts:

Derived from the wealth of beneficial microorganisms found in nature, our Microbial Extracts act as steadfast allies in promoting plant growth. These extracts work wonders by improving soil health, enhancing nutrient cycling, and effectively suppressing soil-borne pathogens. This harmonious environment sets the stage for thriving crops and sustainable agriculture.